Sunday, October 23, 2011

Simoncelli Died In A Crash at MotoGP Sepang.

Crowd surprised and shocked yesterday during the motoGP at Sepang when Italian racer Marco Simoncelli was involved in a crash during the race.

Details of the tragic incident are still under investigation. Simoncelli was seen to have fall of his bike (low side). He was then struck by two other racers; Colin Edwards (Monster Tech 3 Yamaha MotoGP) and Valentino Rossi (Ducati Team) which weren’t able to avoid him.

Much speculation surfaces when his AGV helmet came off during the crash. It can vividly been seen from a far. Simoncelli died of chest, head and neck injuries. It was unclear of what had happened that caused the incident, when Simoncelli was leaning hard on his bike, trying to pull it across the track as if he was having steering issues.

Red flag was showed around 3.50 pm (Malaysian time). It was said that the race should be restarted at 4.45 pm, but since the attention was given fullest to Simoncelli, according to Medical Director, Michele Macchiagodena. The race then had to be cancelled since there’s not enough medical personnel to stand by in case of another accident occur.

The 24 years old racer was pronounced died at 4.56 pm after much possible action of resuscitation had been performed.

Marco Simoncelli was a motorcycle racing hero and will be remembered and missed greatly. His feats in the racing world are phenomenal. His appearance with his huge curly hair made him an icon to his fans.

Born on 20th January 1987 in Cattolica, Italy, Simoncelli entered his first season in MotoGP aboard the San Carlo Honda Gresini RC212V in 2010 and won 12 races in the 250cc category.

We'll miss you Marco, RIP.

Marco Simoncelli
(1987 - 2011)

Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Kawasaki Ninja 650r (ER-6f) announced

Kawasaki has really shed some light onto this middleweight-budget class bike after 6 years of its introduction to the world. The bike has undergone a facelift from its 2011 predecessor, making it more "sportbike" than a sport-tourer.

However, the riding position looks as if it remains the same; according to the images below.

Kawasaki has yet to announce its peak performance except announcing that the 649 displacement engine delivers an "increased engine performance" and "more torque in the everyday range". Price however is still a "hush-hush" from the firm.

Besides than the facelift, the updates include a new tubular steel chasis, a new exhaust design and instrument and a "banana" shaped twin-tube swingarm. The bike has also gained minimalist bodywork inspired by the latest Z1000SX (sources taken from :

Enjoy the pictures! :)

"Girl you're doing fineeeeee.... D*mn fine!!!"

"You're strippin' for me, eh? NAKED...."

"Ummphh... Ummpph.... Look at that fine *ss of yours!"

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Know Your Ride / Kenali Tunggangan Anda



I found it very fascinating and at the same time excited to see most of my fellow bikers are upgrading their ride. Most of them will settle for a Supersport since it's still in the affordable range for semi-professional servants like us. (Let's skip to the part where some of us are professionals, since we're taking a hypothesis scenario as an example). The sheer thrill especially when the first time we turn on the ignition, pressing the start button, initiating our first get-to-know moves on the bike, could be a slight curve-feeling on the seat or a sense of relieve on our expression whilst we pat the bike on the tank is really priceless. But at the same time, is this we really wanted? 


Are u a speed demon? A cornering suicidal? An adventurer? Or just a town gladiator? A scenery "enjoyer" or a weekend die-hard rider? These are also some of the main points we should take into consideration before we initiate the sequence of upgrading our machines. A speed demon's animal could perform slight different than a titan adventuror. Below are some of examples on how to take these factors as a weighting assistant in making a decision. (I say example, but at the end, you decide what you want to ride! )

You love to slight in the curves while not going too fast. Well, a slight of speed is to be considered, but not suicidal. For cases like this, normally you would need a very lightweight or exceptable weight for a bike. A ready-for-race KTM (or in Malaysia, pronounced as KeTaM, for riders) is the best choice to tackle the corner. You'll be surprised on how it performs. If you say that the bike tend to drift away, you probably watched too many Supermoto clips. I've seen few of my acquaintances "knee-down" using an SM.

Speed is your game? Get a Supersport or Superbike... But don't expect to be as agile as a KTM and entering a tight apex on speed of 260 km/j. But don't worry, if you stop at a traffic light, all eyes will gaze at you. Seriously!

I'm an Adventure rider. I go where most people tend to avoid. I just love going to places where I'm not familiar with. Then you should consider for all-rounder like the Kawasaki VERSYS, or the ever powerful (for adventure class) Bimmer GS1200 Adventure (the name even indicates what it can do. duhhh!) or a scrambler. They might not produce as high horsepower or high top end as the sportbikes and superbikes, but satisfying enough to try new roads along the way.

Scenery enjoyer needs a bike with less maintenance. Less wear and tear but the major thing is .... VERY COMFORTABLE FOR LONG RIDE. By then you should consider the Kawasaki Concours1400 (GTR 1400), but if you need extra speed, go for the Sport Touring. With default luggage compartment you'll find that as if you're in the comfort of your own home, even if you're on the road. Don't also forget the famous Goldwing or the autobot-like Kawaks Voyager.

If you are in a duel, racing against time and traffic in town, preferrably for you to take the street bike or the naked versions of the inline fours. The Ducati Hypermotards or economical Kawaks ER-6ns is some of the best choice since it's much more easier to slip into the traffic and the length of the handlebar is at the acceptable length to avoid being rammed to a car's side mirror.


All rides are fun. This is also including all bikes. I'm not saying the above is a must, but just a piece of mind for you to consider by the next you're upgrading. Be a wise rider to know what u need rather than what the bike needs. Get up, go out, go crazy with the miles and come back with a smile on your face!

"Kami Hebat!!!!!"



Saya amat seronok dan terpegun apabila melihat kebanyakan rakan2 permotorans saya menaiktarafkan tunggangan mereka. Kebanyakkannya akan membeli dari kategori Supersport memandangkan ia masih lagi mampu dimiliki bagi mereka yang bekerja semi-professional seperti kita. (Buat masa ini, oleh kerana kita mengambil contoh dari majoriti, walaupun ada yang berkerjaya professional). Rasa seronok menguasai diri sebaik sahaja kita memulas kunci, menekan suis hidup sambil menjalankan gerak mukadimmah ke atas motor kita seperti merasai lengkuk yang terdapat pada tempat duduk motor itu ataupun tepukan mesra pada tangki motor sambil memaparkan riak puas pada wajah kita sememangnya tak ternilai harganya. Tetapi, adakah ini yang kita mahukan?


Anda pelesit? Mengambil selekoh seperti ingin membunuh diri? Seorang pengembara? Wira jalanan? Suka menikmati alam? Ataupun penunggang hujung minggu sahaja? Semua ini memainkan peranan yang agak penting dalam menimbangtara untuk membeli jentera baru. Motor untuk memecut mungkin akan berfungsi agak berbeza dari motosikal jenis mengembara. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh yang boleh diambilkira sebelum membuat keputusan. (Saya kata contoh, tetapi pada dasarnya, anda yang memilih dan membuat keputusan )

Anda suka menyusuri selekoh-selekoh dengan tidak terlalu laju. Sikit laju bolehlah, tetapi bukan seperti membunuh diri. Untuk kes ini, secara amnya anda memerlukan motosikal yang ringan ataupun berat yang agak berpatutan. KTM yang sudah tersedia utk berlumba (Di Malaysia, ia dikenali sebagai KeTaM adalah contoh terbaik untuk melayan selekoh. Anda akan terperanjat dengan prestasinya. Jika anda kata motor ini akan melayang, anda telah menonton terlalu banyak acara Supermoto. Saya sendiri menyaksikan beberapa kenalan saya yang mengambil selekoh sambil mengenakan lutut ke bawah menggunakan jenis SM.

Suka kelajuan? Dapatkan kategori Supersport ataupun Superbike… tetapi jangan terlalu mengharap ia akan ringan seperti model KTM dan anda masuk ke selekoh dengan kelajuan 260 km/j. Jangan khuatir, kerana jika anda berhenti di lampu isyarat kelak, pasti semuanya melihat pada anda. Sungguh!

Saya seorang pengembara. Saya pergi ke tempat yang orang lain tidak suka pergi. Saya suka pergi ke tempat-tempat yang saya tidak kenali. Jika begini, anda harus mengambilkira untuk memiliki Kawasaki VERSYS ataupun Bimmer GS1200 Adventure yang memangnya dalam kelas pengembara (nama saja sudah tau apa yang ia mampu lakukan… duhhh!) ataupun motor dari kategori Scrambler. Ia mungkin tidak dapat mengeluarkan kuasa kuda ataupun kelajuan seperti kategori sportbikes dan superbikes, tetapi cukup utk menawan jalan2 baru.

Mereka yang suka menikmati pandangan memerlukan motor yang kurang kos penjagaan. Kurang barangan cepat haus, tetapi yang penting adalah SANGAT SELESA UNTUK PERJALANAN JAUH. Jika itu, anda boleh mengambilkira untuk Kawasaki Concours1400 (GTR 1400), tetapi jika mahukan sedikit laju, boleh dapatkan kategori Sport Touring. Dengan ruangan barangan yang tersedia, anda akan berasa seperti berada di rumah walaupun ketika itu sedang menunggang. Jangan lupakan Goldwing yang popular ataupun seperti-autobot Kawaks Voyager.

Sekiranya anda bertarung dengan masa dan kesesakan lalulintas di kota, adalah lebih baik anda mengambil streetbike ataupun kategori “bugil” daripada enjin inline four. Ducati Hypermotards ataupun Kawaks ER-6ns yang jimat adalah contoh terbaik memandangkan kedua-duanya boleh menyusur lalulintas dengan mudah dan juga panjang handlebar juga dapat mengelak dari melanggar cermin tepi kereta.


Semua perjalanan adalah seronok dan semua perjalanan adalah menyeronokkan. Saya tidak mengatakan semua di atas adalah wajib, tetapi sekadar alat untuk anda ambilkira sekiranya anda menaiktaraf tunggangan anda. Jadilah penunggang yang bijak untuk mengetahui apa yang anda perlukan daripada membeli apa yang anda mahukan. Bangun, keluar, jalan gila jauh dan dating balik dengan senyuman terpancar di wajah anda!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Product Review : Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet

Some typical helmets in the market today, tend to have a 'little' extra for its function. Helmets sold are normally not equipped with its additional function, but instead consumers have to pay extra to get it fully equipped.

Big names such as Nolan or Caberg is among the main choices for intercom technology in-between helmets, but then again as consumers we do need options so that we could get the best value for our money.

Prayers were answered and this is the solution. The "Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet". The all-in-one helmet which offers protection for your riding and the simplicity of connection through bluetooth technology to your phone. We have divided the category for listing all the advantages and disadvantages for this little 'haven' product, our way. It'll be based on the 5 main character for the product; Appearance, Price, Built-quality, User-friendliness and Functionality.
The "Waaaaah" factor.

1) Appearance

I personally love the design and colour of this helmet. It comes with different colour scheme of gloss white, gloss black and gloss graphite. When fliping up the jaw, the helmet looks kind of weird, but when it is flipped down, marvellous!

2) Price

The helmet is available in a variety of prices, according to your local dealer. However, it is advisable to get it at an internet auctioneer or suppliers since the price will be way much more cheaper. But then again, by default price for the helmet is quite affordable too.

3) Built quality

The shell material is quite convincing and the size really fit your head when wearing it.

4) User friendliness

The controller for the bluetooth function is rather simple and easy to use. We give a high-ten for this feature! :D

5) Functionality.

By overall, the helmet perform quite well. The volume indicated on the controller was easy to tempered with and you could listen to your songs without ever worrying that the volume might increase all of a sudden. The stereo sound the speakers produce was not 'bose' quality but it's not a mediaocre either.

The "Eeeeew" factor.

1) The helmet is kind of heavy. Not as heavy as the Nolan N103, but it's in its category.

2) The netting material for the air-intake is so poorly built, that when holding the helmet, the slightest contact of your fingers to the net would easily take it off in no time.

3) Microphone embedded to the helmet is too short. For noisy environment, the front jaw had to be
put down.

4) Inner visor was not ergonomically designed. To some extend, the wearer's pupil is not concealed properly by the visor when the helmet position's changed due to wind resistance.

By overall, the product is a great product and a prayer from above that has been answered. Besides that these minor 'glitches', the helmet is a fenomenal innovasion in bluetooth-intercom technology. Hope that other helmet manufacturer would manufacture more of these like helmet for future products.

Nice look when the jaw is down.

Inner visor is included

such a short microphone

simple yet practical volume + call controller.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Condolences to me....

I had a little unfortunate accident on the brink of new year's eve.
Just got back from my little vacation. Hence this blog is not updated. Apologies to all. here's a little bit about what will be uploaded for next post :

Product review for :

1) Midland BT2 Bluetooth Headset Single Pack

2) Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet

3) My last ride before the little accident.

I'll be uploading the pictures and post from time to time. Do keep on browsing, ya?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ride To Cameron - 05 December 2009

Hi and Good day to all...

I was supposed to write a review on motorcycling gear too, but since I haven't finalize and decided on my high end motorcycle product, I'll stick to the ride that recently I've participated with other biking group.

We've departed to visit Cameron Highland, located at the Pahang states, Malaysia. The journey was approximately about 213 kilometres and would take around 2 hours and 47 minutes if commuting by a car. The best thing about journeying here is that there are two different routes that can be taken to get to Cameron Highland. It's either going up from Tapah, Perak or Simpang Pulai, also from Perak. If you decided to go from Simpang Pulai (which we have done) you'll be entering Cameron Highland from way up of it. For bikers, they'd normally take the Tapah route, but since it's monsoon time and raining is pouring without any clear forecast about it, landslide is definite for the Tapah route, so it's much safer to enter via Simpang Pulai. But then again, the corners are quite challenging.

a simple map showing the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highland. Courtesy of google maps.

The first randezvous was at the 'RnR' Rawang at 7.00 am; which I accidently and without intention missed due to latency on waking up! :P. The riders were full geared and ready to be in action. But I managed to catch them on the road.

Since this ride was joined by newbies and advanced riders, the speed was paced carefully so that each and every one of the riders could catch up to one and another. The speed was setup at according 110 km/j or 120 km/j. But mostly the speed we did was 90 to 100 km/j since there were also mopeds participating in this ride.

some riders caught in action

But some unforseen and unwanted circumstances happened, a rider was down due to accident. Since then I got separated from the group and later on toured by myself. Some pictures were taken :

stopped at a corner after the Simpang Pulai town. Nice scenery and corner to test your skill. But the sign said "40 km/j" so beware on your safety! ;)

So I went straight on alone. Remembering what my fellow rider Griffin (ER-6f) who happens to travel mostly alone, I took time to enjoy the scenery and was able to enjoy myself, although my feet were soaring due to improper boots. I was wearing an army boot at that time.

It looks like bushes, but when I zoomed out, a beautiful scenery was uncovered by my lense!

My bike parked at one of the 'pick-em-urself' Strawberry farm. see the fog?? My God, I feel like I was in London!

The primary means of transportation. The blue one is the most nicest condition among all jeep I could see. :P

The tea farm which is located at Cameron's valley. Although it was not from the famous "Boh" brand, The farm's coverage is quite vast.

Nice river isn't it?? Believe it or not it was located under by bike!

A small waterfall from the nearby tarmac. In the second picture, a small aborigin's hut was selling forest durians and petai.
One of the waterfall, which is quite strong in current. Flowing to God knows where.
On my way back, suddenly I realized that in Tapah, there's quite a well known waterfall area called Lata Iskandar. During this time, some of the tourists are diverted here before heading to Cameron Highland. As usual, when I stopped for a drink, a ciggie and to snap some pictures, those who are curious about my bike asked about the cc, the speed and fuel consumption. Not to mentioned, why I was travelling alone... :P

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twist your throttle and here we go!

Hi there!

This blog is especially catered for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. I will try to post once a month and the content consists of these three parts:

1) Motorcycle review / information

2) Accessories review / information

3) Activities Report

It’ll based on the author’s experience and review on a certain product. However, I need to remind everyone that this is basicly a review, not a marketing effort. Author might have a specific product for the author to suggest, but it is not a marketing move. Just suggesting what’s best for the author might be best for the readers too.

If you have any activities in regards of the biking world or reviews on a specific motorcycle, just drop me an email at, along with images and a summarization about the bike and what do you think of it. Author will then summarize and give credit to the informant.

Have a vroom! day…!