Thursday, February 11, 2010

Product Review : Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet

Some typical helmets in the market today, tend to have a 'little' extra for its function. Helmets sold are normally not equipped with its additional function, but instead consumers have to pay extra to get it fully equipped.

Big names such as Nolan or Caberg is among the main choices for intercom technology in-between helmets, but then again as consumers we do need options so that we could get the best value for our money.

Prayers were answered and this is the solution. The "Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmet". The all-in-one helmet which offers protection for your riding and the simplicity of connection through bluetooth technology to your phone. We have divided the category for listing all the advantages and disadvantages for this little 'haven' product, our way. It'll be based on the 5 main character for the product; Appearance, Price, Built-quality, User-friendliness and Functionality.
The "Waaaaah" factor.

1) Appearance

I personally love the design and colour of this helmet. It comes with different colour scheme of gloss white, gloss black and gloss graphite. When fliping up the jaw, the helmet looks kind of weird, but when it is flipped down, marvellous!

2) Price

The helmet is available in a variety of prices, according to your local dealer. However, it is advisable to get it at an internet auctioneer or suppliers since the price will be way much more cheaper. But then again, by default price for the helmet is quite affordable too.

3) Built quality

The shell material is quite convincing and the size really fit your head when wearing it.

4) User friendliness

The controller for the bluetooth function is rather simple and easy to use. We give a high-ten for this feature! :D

5) Functionality.

By overall, the helmet perform quite well. The volume indicated on the controller was easy to tempered with and you could listen to your songs without ever worrying that the volume might increase all of a sudden. The stereo sound the speakers produce was not 'bose' quality but it's not a mediaocre either.

The "Eeeeew" factor.

1) The helmet is kind of heavy. Not as heavy as the Nolan N103, but it's in its category.

2) The netting material for the air-intake is so poorly built, that when holding the helmet, the slightest contact of your fingers to the net would easily take it off in no time.

3) Microphone embedded to the helmet is too short. For noisy environment, the front jaw had to be
put down.

4) Inner visor was not ergonomically designed. To some extend, the wearer's pupil is not concealed properly by the visor when the helmet position's changed due to wind resistance.

By overall, the product is a great product and a prayer from above that has been answered. Besides that these minor 'glitches', the helmet is a fenomenal innovasion in bluetooth-intercom technology. Hope that other helmet manufacturer would manufacture more of these like helmet for future products.

Nice look when the jaw is down.

Inner visor is included

such a short microphone

simple yet practical volume + call controller.


  1. thanx...
    tapi nak beli mmg susah. distributor tak ada. kena custom order from any local bike accessories retailers....

  2. I like your blog. You have a beautiful country to ride in and looks like you have a lot of good times. I have linked your blog to mine under the "biker blogs" on the left side of the page. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about your site. Ride safe, John