Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twist your throttle and here we go!

Hi there!

This blog is especially catered for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. I will try to post once a month and the content consists of these three parts:

1) Motorcycle review / information

2) Accessories review / information

3) Activities Report

It’ll based on the author’s experience and review on a certain product. However, I need to remind everyone that this is basicly a review, not a marketing effort. Author might have a specific product for the author to suggest, but it is not a marketing move. Just suggesting what’s best for the author might be best for the readers too.

If you have any activities in regards of the biking world or reviews on a specific motorcycle, just drop me an email at, along with images and a summarization about the bike and what do you think of it. Author will then summarize and give credit to the informant.

Have a vroom! day…!

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