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Ride To Cameron - 05 December 2009

Hi and Good day to all...

I was supposed to write a review on motorcycling gear too, but since I haven't finalize and decided on my high end motorcycle product, I'll stick to the ride that recently I've participated with other biking group.

We've departed to visit Cameron Highland, located at the Pahang states, Malaysia. The journey was approximately about 213 kilometres and would take around 2 hours and 47 minutes if commuting by a car. The best thing about journeying here is that there are two different routes that can be taken to get to Cameron Highland. It's either going up from Tapah, Perak or Simpang Pulai, also from Perak. If you decided to go from Simpang Pulai (which we have done) you'll be entering Cameron Highland from way up of it. For bikers, they'd normally take the Tapah route, but since it's monsoon time and raining is pouring without any clear forecast about it, landslide is definite for the Tapah route, so it's much safer to enter via Simpang Pulai. But then again, the corners are quite challenging.

a simple map showing the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highland. Courtesy of google maps.

The first randezvous was at the 'RnR' Rawang at 7.00 am; which I accidently and without intention missed due to latency on waking up! :P. The riders were full geared and ready to be in action. But I managed to catch them on the road.

Since this ride was joined by newbies and advanced riders, the speed was paced carefully so that each and every one of the riders could catch up to one and another. The speed was setup at according 110 km/j or 120 km/j. But mostly the speed we did was 90 to 100 km/j since there were also mopeds participating in this ride.

some riders caught in action

But some unforseen and unwanted circumstances happened, a rider was down due to accident. Since then I got separated from the group and later on toured by myself. Some pictures were taken :

stopped at a corner after the Simpang Pulai town. Nice scenery and corner to test your skill. But the sign said "40 km/j" so beware on your safety! ;)

So I went straight on alone. Remembering what my fellow rider Griffin (ER-6f) who happens to travel mostly alone, I took time to enjoy the scenery and was able to enjoy myself, although my feet were soaring due to improper boots. I was wearing an army boot at that time.

It looks like bushes, but when I zoomed out, a beautiful scenery was uncovered by my lense!

My bike parked at one of the 'pick-em-urself' Strawberry farm. see the fog?? My God, I feel like I was in London!

The primary means of transportation. The blue one is the most nicest condition among all jeep I could see. :P

The tea farm which is located at Cameron's valley. Although it was not from the famous "Boh" brand, The farm's coverage is quite vast.

Nice river isn't it?? Believe it or not it was located under by bike!

A small waterfall from the nearby tarmac. In the second picture, a small aborigin's hut was selling forest durians and petai.
One of the waterfall, which is quite strong in current. Flowing to God knows where.
On my way back, suddenly I realized that in Tapah, there's quite a well known waterfall area called Lata Iskandar. During this time, some of the tourists are diverted here before heading to Cameron Highland. As usual, when I stopped for a drink, a ciggie and to snap some pictures, those who are curious about my bike asked about the cc, the speed and fuel consumption. Not to mentioned, why I was travelling alone... :P

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