Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Kawasaki Ninja 650r (ER-6f) announced

Kawasaki has really shed some light onto this middleweight-budget class bike after 6 years of its introduction to the world. The bike has undergone a facelift from its 2011 predecessor, making it more "sportbike" than a sport-tourer.

However, the riding position looks as if it remains the same; according to the images below.

Kawasaki has yet to announce its peak performance except announcing that the 649 displacement engine delivers an "increased engine performance" and "more torque in the everyday range". Price however is still a "hush-hush" from the firm.

Besides than the facelift, the updates include a new tubular steel chasis, a new exhaust design and instrument and a "banana" shaped twin-tube swingarm. The bike has also gained minimalist bodywork inspired by the latest Z1000SX (sources taken from :

Enjoy the pictures! :)

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